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BarbCo has teamed up with Vesta Property Management, our exclusive property management partner.  Vesta's first-rate support and resources have proven successful for hundreds of their clients. Let us know if you are in the market for professional property management or leasing, and we'd be happy to make an introduction.


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There is a critical difference between standard Property Management and Asset Management-higher expectation.We understand how to capture market share very clearly-it’s about creating a unique commodity that fills a critical void in the current market and having the dexterity to evangelize that product with clarity so that it is embraced by the market that feeds it. The assets in our portfolio reflect our vision around how to execute and proliferate success by offering a superior product and service.

The buildings managed by Vesta reflect our pursuit of cultivating the property assets to the best versions of themselves by providing critical improvement strategies for owners, improving the tenant experience, and driving revenue growth and asset value for our clients.

This is not about the common expectations of property management; this is about disrupting a market by raising the bar around how to drive property asset performance to a new level and a higher expectation.

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Paul Griffiths, CEO, Vesta Asset Management, Inc. has been working in New York and San Francisco, the commercial Property Management and Residential real estate asset management-both in affordable and fair market housing for over a decade. After spending several years in commercial real estate working under a Forbes 400 real estate entrepreneur overseeing the operations of over 1.2M feet of commercial space located in Times Square, he moved to San Francisco to focus on the area of real estate asset management and started his first property management firm, until it was purchased by Pacific Union Property Management in 2012.

Since then, he has worked as a management consultant, streamlining their business model, evaluating internal operations and communications, and created a strategic plan for expansion of the business and provided oversight of over 2,400 Residential and commercial units. Eventually, he also partnered with Pacific Union International, Inc. in the management and development of their Joint Ventures of Mortgage Services, Insurance Services and the Property Management Division until the inception of his current firm.

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We are a full-service real estate group specializing in all neighborhoods throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. We handle all types of residential properties (homes, condos, TICs), investment properties, and rentals. We are here to be your consultants. Feel free to ask us any questions!

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